Adél Hanna Tillmann received her MFA at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, from its Intermedia Department in 2012. As an Erasmus student, she also had the opportunity to study at the Department of Design at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg). Tillmann had solo shows in Hungary and in the region as well as participated in numerous international and national group shows. She is a member of the Studio of Young Artists’ Association (Budapest) and the Hermina Artist Collective. Her graphic works often appear in fine arts and literary journals.

Artist statement

My focus is on understanding human relationships and psyche, as well to process dreams, traumas and fears in a visual and creative way. I work with personal stories which help me to understand social problems as well – such as the abandonment and the exhaustion of mothers and family disintegration. Mainly, I work with the means of drawing, collage and installation.

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